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How I Came to Believe the King James Bible IS the Bible … Jack McElroy…A Personal Testimony

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Have you been insulted by folks who think you’re a dummy because you’re silly enough to believe that God actually kept his promise to provide us with all of his words and only his words?

David W. Daniels B.A., M.Div., from Chick publications used to be anti-King James until he spent the time to research an answer to this question…

“Did God preserve his words today or not?”

He’s no dummy…

He’s trained in Bible and linguistics and after twenty years of searching the Hebrew and Greek scriptures and studying the history of the Bible, he concluded that the King James Bible is God’s preserved words in English.

  • 1984 B.A. Bible and Linguistics, Pacific Christian College

    • 1987 M. Div General Theology, emphasis in Linguistics,

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“The King James Bible Died of Old Age”

So says Dr. Norman Geisler B.A, M.A., Th.B., Ph.D. in his “Notes on Bible Versions.”

I think he’s dead wrong..

Plus, I think that if the Lord Jesus Christ came to speak at your church tonight he would use a King James Bible instead of ANY of the modern Bible versions and that includes the NKJV.

I prove it in my book “WHICH BIBLE WOULD JESUS USE? The Bible Controversy Explained and Resolved”.


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