“Which King James Bible do you use 1611 or 1769?”

Norton Cover

It’s a question we hear all the time.

It’s usually an insincere question asked by folks who don’t believe ANY Bible in ANY language is inspired and without error.

They were taught that there are tens of thousands of differences in the various editions of the KJB. And when it comes to spelling they’re right.

But here’s what else you need to understand as you defend God’s BOOK…

It is true that the translation was tweaked in minor ways over the centuries.

I spent hours and hours researching the textual differences in the various editions of the KJB before I wrote my book WHICH BIBLE WOULD JESUS USE? The Bible Version Controversy Explained and Resolved. ( Available from Amazon.com).

I used a resource to examine hundreds of textual differences. The book is David Norton’s “A Textual History of the King James Bible” (Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 2005).

It’s a great resource but if you haven’t got the time to examine it you can see my answers to some of the most challenging translational tweaks in my book.

Are you sick of getting embarrassed by Bible College and Seminary trained folks who tell you that new versions of the Bible are better because they’re based on better manuscripts?
Maybe the Lord should use the New International Version