Who knows where the Trump presidential bid will end?
But he certainly made those words famous.

Here’s a video I did with David W. Daniels discussing WHY I’D FIRE the founders of the Greek New Testament text that underlies the NIV, NASB, ESV, HCSB the LNT and a host of others if he worked for me.

Their names were Fenton Hort (1828-1893) and Brooke Westcott (1825-1901). They published a critical edition of The New Testament in the Original Greek in 1881.

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Some folks wish they had gone when they had a chance…
But like everything, life got in the way.
Maybe the Lord was sparing you from a faith killing experience.
Here’s a very short clip (only 54 seconds) of my discussion with David W Daniels from Chick Publications about Bible College.

David did go to Bible College and more…

• 1984 B.A. Bible and Linguistics, Pacific Christian College

• 1987 M. Div General Theology, emphasis in Linguistics, Fuller Theological Seminary

• 3 Summer SIL — Summer Institute of Linguistics, trained … Read More »


Some folks get upset and say “I got saved reading the NIV!”

“Why are you attacking my Bible?”


David W. Daniels from Chick Publications and I do a “role-play”

to answer this question that we hear quite often.


It’s a short video (1 min. 45 sec.) that will give you an answer

you can use the next time you hear the question.



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Are you tired of being asked “the fake question?”

You know, it’s this one…
“Which Edition of the King James Bible is ‘the Bible?’”
Here’s how I addressed it in Chapter 14 of my book Which Bible Would Jesus Use? The Bible Controversy Explained and Resolved…


“Asking the “Which edition?” question is an excellent control technique meant to suppress discussion.
Ridicule works too.

Both are used frequently at most Christian colleges, Bible institutes, and seminaries to pressure students into uncritical acceptance of the politically correct position offered by modern scholarship of Original Bible Onlyism.

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hort_image Grinch

Yeah, me too.
That’s why I included a little parody about the Grinch in my book, “WHICH BIBLE WOULD JESUS USE? The Bible Version Controversy Explained and Resolved.”

Here’s the story…

I had to write about an English New Testament scholar named Fenton Hort (1828–1892). That’s him to your left.

He was responsible for introducing a different New Testament text than what had been used by the church for over 1,800 years. And it’s the basis of just about all modern versions of the Bible ever since.

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