“An insightful read into biblical history and our understanding and appreciation of it.”

––Dr. Nido Qubein, President, High Point University, and Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

“…a diligent Christian businessman (Proverbs 22:29) has successfully reduced the rancorous ‘King James Only-ism’ debate to a single, unconventional premise—‘Which Bible would Jesus use?’ The utter simplicity of Brother McElroy’s question will undoubtedly render many in academia apoplectic. And yet, his unique approach is entirely Scriptural.”

––Dr. William P. Grady, B.S., M.Ed., Th.M., Ph.D., D.D., author of four best-selling reference works: Final Authority, What Hath God Wrought!, How Satan Turned America Against God, and Given by Inspiration

“I believe that you have made a significant contribution to Bibliology and that your work will provoke more people to think intelligently about Biblical preservation. I think that you have rightfully presented the fact that all translations are not ‘essentially the same’ and have convincingly argued that textual criticism is not an exact ‘science’ at all … You have presented the right arguments in a clear, concise, thought-provoking way. Thank you!”

––Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh, B.A., M.Div., D.Min., D.R.E., Senior Pastor, Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple

“McElroy demonstrates a keen understanding of the importance of branding. His application of the concept to the Bible version controversy is simply brilliant.”

––Raymond Aaron, author of eight books, including Branding Small Business for Dummies, and co-author of the New York Times best-selling Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul™

“As an intellectual property attorney, my mission is to protect and defend the integrity of my client’s written text. In like manner, Mr. McElroy does a masterful job of defending the traditional biblical text as it is presented in the King James Version of the Bible. He does so in an informative and engaging way.”

––Lloyd J. Jassin, Entertainment and Publishing Law Attorney; Adjunct Prof., NYU SCPS; and co-author of The Copyright Permission and Libel Handbook (John Wiley & Sons) with Steven C. Schechter


“… You have merely stated the problem and dealt with the problem directly in a number of different ways, but you have gone beyond that…You don’t need to correct anything of what you wrote. It stands just as it stands, and it says what it should say, and deals with the problem that should be dealt with in the way that they should be dealt with. It is the same conclusion I reached….It is a fine work and a very thorough work…”

––Dr. Peter S. Ruckman Author of over 100 Bible related books and pamphlets.



“I read your book the first day it came, as I couldn’t put it down. … Your book is excellent…it does contain original material. I receive many manuscripts and haven’t been able to offer most of them, as they are just a rehash of my work. Yours is very original and I praise God for it.”

––Gail A. Riplinger Author of Bestsellers: New Age Bible Versions; In Awe of Thy Word;The Language of the King James Bible; Which Bible Is God’s Word?




Amazon Customer Reviews of Which Bible Would Jesus Use?


5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent, new look on this vital topic. June 17, 2014

By Brandon Staggs

I’ve read dozens of books addressing the “Which Version” question. This one stands among the best. I appreciate McElroy’s unique approach to this topic: Asking the question — what Bible version would Jesus use if he preached in your church today? — and providing a clear and reasoned answer.

This book also addresses the common “gotcha” questions supposedly too hard for KJB believers to answer, like “what about the differences between the 1611 and 1769.” A good read for someone new to the issue or a veteran on the topic.


5.0 out of 5 stars The true bible does exist after all and this book makes it clear which ONE it is June 6, 2014

By Brian H. Griffith

I was listening to radio program and the host is always talking about the bible says this or the bible says that in a definitive manner yet a caller called in and then the host started talking about how the original manuscripts were perfect etc yet choose a translation blah blah yet how can he tell somebody what the bible says if he doesn’t even know himself if his bible is the right bible?

Every apologist that I have watched debate argues with atheists about the existence of God being common sense yet then when it comes to the bible, those same apologists revert to it being a totally human effort in preserving the scriptures, it as if these Christian apologists suddenly become atheists when talking about “bible versions”

Doesn’t it make sense that God actually preserved his word perfectly no matter how many men tried to mess it up?

The King James bible is the one that God used the last 400 years 760 + languages and is obviously the one Jesus would use, READ THIS BOOK FOLKS The true bible does exist after all and this book makes it clear which ONE it is.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great new book on an old subject with some fresh insights. April 15, 2014

By Mr. Simon A. Hailes

I got this book from John Davis, (Time For Truth) in UK. It is not on Amazon UK.
It is serious in its attempt to find which of the hundreds of English bibles Jesus would use if he were to come to church today.

His picture of Jesus coming to church with a wheel barrow full of the original autographs (for the original manuscriptolaters), who believe only the very original writings were and are inspired; and trying to fit them into the covers of a book, then preach from them: is hilarious.

He then goes through various popular versions testing them with known errors of the textual critics and two heretical readings: John 7:8 (the omission of yet in modern bibles, making Jesus a liar) and Matt 5:22 (without a cause omitted, making Jesus an angry sinner); among others.

He then has a few chapters dealing with the bible before 1611. Differences between the 1611 KJV and the various KJV “editions” and supposed revisions: the oxford and Cambridge “edition” for example.

Then a few chapters on inspiration and preservation.

I am really enjoying it and although I think mainly convinced bible believers will read this book I think it would also suit people who don’t want something too simplistic but aren’t up to the strong meat of Riplinger, Ruckman, Hills, Grady, Cloud, Burgon and others.
God blessee,
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.


5 stars Best work yet! February 5, 2014

By John

Jack has a unique way with words. His explanations and arguments have finally settled the issue for me! Thanks Jack!