Dedication v
Foreword Dr. William P. Grady vii
Preface Want to settle the “Bible Version Controversy” once and for all? xii
Introduction 1
Chapter 1 Why the Lord is forced to choose only one Bible 19
Chapter 2 Two “dirty little secrets” of modern textual criticism 35
Chapter 3 Proof—Prominent textual scholars believe God made mistakes when he wrote the Bible 55
Chapter 4 Why the Lord didn’t preserve the original autographs 79
Chapter 5 Why the Lord can’t choose the King James Bible without looking foolish to scholars 89
Chapter 6 Did the Lord make a monumental, multigenerational error by allowing the King James Bible to be published in the first place? 107
Chapter 7 Maybe the Lord Jesus Christ isn’t a loser after all 117
Chapter 8 Why can’t the Lord choose the ©1982 New King James Version? 127
Chapter 9 Where was the Bible before 1611? 151
Chapter 10 Which edition of the King James Bible is “The Bible”? 161
Chapter 11 What about the tens of thousands of differences between the 1769 edition (or any edition today) and the 1611 first edition? 179
Chapter 12 What about the differences between King James Bibles printed by the Oxford and Cambridge University Presses? 205
Chapter 13 Why “Which Edition?” is (quite often) a trick question 219
Chapter 14 The real reason for the fake question 227
Chapter 15 Inspiration of Scripture—What it is and what it isn’t 233
Chapter 16 Inspiration—What it was and what they say it is now 245
Chapter 17 Who changed the definition of inspiration, and when did they change it? 259
Chapter 18 Did the Lord preserve error instead of truth in the extant biblical manuscripts? 275
Chapter 19 How to spot a standard Bible 289
Chapter 20 The Revelation 16:5 controversy 297
Chapter 21 Which Bible should you use? 305
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Index 323
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